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Happy and Safe 4th of July!

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Wishing everyone a fun filled July 4th 2015

What Company are you with?

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If you are one of the 90% that will use the services of a Realtor or real estate agent, one of the first notable communications will be how these professionals work for you.  In my daily life I when I am asked what I do for a living, will tell folks that I am a “Real Estate Agent/Realtor”; this in most cases promote a response of “who do you work for?”

The answer comes in the form of one of the many real estate brokerages located in the area or in some cases a national company.  Realtors and real estate agents are actually an entity and business working under the umbrella of the broker.  With few exceptions the agents and Realtors are all independent business owners and contractors.  This means we handle all aspects of the business from the paperwork to the paying of taxes.

Running a real estate business consists of using your good name and integrity to develop relationships with buyers and sellers and earning the trust of each client that continues to mold the confidence of your clients to help you with referrals and their contacts to grow our business.

Hard work and constant communication is what makes a Realtor grow their business to a level that is what’s expected from the buying and selling public.  The next time you ask what real estate company do I work for? I will probably tell you that I work for myself!

Boise Downtown Sun And Fog

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January 30th 2015 Boise Idaho

January 30th 2015 Boise Idaho

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As a customer of today’s real estate scene, you are probably under the impression that selling your home is a venture that you would like to take on yourself to save some money, when in fact the opposite is probably true.

The decision to sell your home is not to be taken lightly especially in the ever changing market trend.  What are the points to consider in making your choices?

First up, you need to weigh the time vs. energy that will be needed to get your house out in front of all the current buyers and lookers.  This means getting the house ready to show and make any repairs.

Next would be determining the price to value market price you want to advertise your home.  This is the tricky part of the current changing market.

Then is the actual home listing and waiting game.  Some of the obstacles would be making yourself available to physically be at your house in order to show it to prospective buyers.

For sale by owner has been done by home sellers since the beginning of time.  Some do a very good job and others probably should have left it up to the professionals.

Being a stealth agent may not be the best for you.  Make sure you have the time and resources to make the right moves.  In most cases it would probably be in the best interest of sellers as well as the buyers to sell and list through your friendly Realtor.  They know the new market and are doing all the moves on a regular basis.  Knowledge and experience is always a smart decision.

When considering selling your home, the point of attraction and many discussions will always be the price point or the listing ValueMyHomeprice.  There are many ways to come up with the price you choose to market and advertise your house.  There are automated web sites, there are Realtor websites, and there are appraisal services.

How do you know what your beautiful home is really worth when you have so many options to filter out?  The answer is probably real simple.  Using the services of a Realtor will never lead you down a path of property that is prices wrong for today’s market.  What does a Real estate agent do that is different than other options?  Here are some examples:

  • Experience of Sales – Your Realtor has a full time job of home price determination.
  • Using the automated information together with knowledge based history.
  • Have the tools to make a reasonable marketable sales price.

Selling a home that was built years before may not have the correct tax information including the square footage that many use to compute a home value.  Did you know that you can have your home appraised just to get the correct size?  Most of these appraisals will also provide a very professional drawing of your floor plan.  For a few extra dollars in the beginning you could add value to your home.

You can never go wrong using a Realtor to provide the marketing and knowledge to properly valuate your home for sale.

Moving to Boise Idaho in 2015

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Yes this is my proclaimed year of packing up and moving to the best place on earth which is Boise Idaho! There are many things that have been documented over the past year why you want to move to Boise. We are on the top lists for best places to raise a family and best places to retire. BoiseRelocation2

Among those best attributes are the many more reasons to relocate and move to Idaho and specifically Boise.  I have just introduced my latest version of those reasons in the 2015 Boise Idaho relocation guide and Real Estate options.

If you are planning a move to the Boise area download this new wealth of information that points out the great reason to relocate to Boise Idaho!